“RedBird doesn’t speculate. Business with Milan? Everything possible “

The Toulouse returned to the French top football division at the end of last season. Today, after three days in Ligue 1, the club is still unbeaten, to the satisfaction of the president Damien Comolli and property, RedBird Capital. The US company, which is also preparing to close the Milan operation in September, arrived in the summer of 2020, taking over 85% of the French club’s shares.

We are proud and excited to help Toulouse write a new chapter and exploit their enormous potential. We are committed to building a long-term sustainable foundation for club success by improving sporting performance, business operations and contribution to the communityHe had declared Gerry Cardinalfounder of RedBird Capital, at the time of the acquisition.

Today he is talking about RedBird and Milan instead Damien Colli, who has been president of Toulouse since the entrance of the new property. In an interview with the portal Actu Toulouse, the man inevitably spoke of RedBird – starting with the initial skepticism towards the new ownership -, with some passages on Milan.

From the beginning we showed why we came. Any money the club earns is reinvested in transfers, wages or infrastructure. We are investing one million euros in the construction of the training center with the money we get from the transfers. A lot of money has been invested in a new performance center for the team. RedBird means long term, not speculation, and that was never the case!He began.

Since we arrived – he added -, everything we said we did. We said we would go up (in Ligue 1, ed), that we would become champions and that we would do it in a certain way, relying on the Pitchouns and other young people… We also said that if we made money, it would be reinvested. Facts are stronger than words. Only we had words and deeds. The goal will always remain the same. We are not here to sell players, we are here to invest in the club, to make it grow and get as high as possible“.

However, Comolli specified that “if a player does not want to extend his contract, we will be obliged to sell it. And if we receive an offer that we believe is higher than the market price and that we can reinvest to improve the team, we always will. It is always with the aim of improving, not with the aim of making money in the short term. This is by no means RedBird’s philosophy. The average period of control of a company by this investment fund is 12 years. At the moment we think about what we will do in 10 or 15 years“.

Then, a joke about Milan: “Milan’s closing is scheduled for 6 September», Explains Comolli, even if according to what he learned from Football and Finance the date is not yet confirmed, but the closing will take place by the end of the month. “We will have a better view of what will happen after that date. The two clubs will be independent. A collaboration? We haven’t talked about it. But anything is possible. Anything that can help us progress will be positive. But I must admit that this is not a topic that we have discussed at the moment“.