Jackpot dawns for PSV: Champions League ticket certainly yields 31 million euros | NOW

PSV will face a crucial home game against Rangers FC in the play-offs of the Champions League on Wednesday. A win not only provides a place in the main tournament and matches against European top clubs, but also the pot of gold. The club will earn at least 31 million euros when placed for the million-dollar ball.

It has been four years since the Philips Stadium was the setting for the group stage of the Champions League. During the last adventure in the most important club competition in Europe, the fans of PSV were served up: FC Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčInternazionale and Tottenham Hotspur visited Eindhoven at the time.

The visit of the European top clubs is not the only reason why PSV wants to qualify for the Champions League. There is a hefty jackpot to be won in the million-dollar ball. That is perhaps even more important for the people of Eindhoven, who are financially far behind the wealthy rival Ajax in their own country.

The best example of this is Ajax’s fairytale Champions League season in 2018/2019. The team from Amsterdam missed the final by a hair’s breadth, but did raise around 95 million euros in prize money and receipts. Since then, Ajax has always been champion in the Eredivisie.

UEFA is distributing no less than 2 billion euros to the 32 participants of the Champions League this season. How are those premiums divided and to what amount is PSV entitled if the club beats Rangers FC at home on Wednesday evening and takes place for the million-dollar ball? Time for a calculation.

In their last participation in the Champions League in 2018, PSV played against Lionel Messi’s FC Barcelona.

In their last participation in the Champions League in 2018, PSV played against Lionel Messi's FC Barcelona.

In their last participation in the Champions League in 2018, PSV played against Lionel Messi’s FC Barcelona.

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This is how the possible 31 million for PSV has been built up

Each club that qualifies for the main draw of the Champions League will receive a start-up premium of 14.8 million euros. Although UEFA reports that it concerns 15.64 million euros, a ‘corona discount’ of 840,000 euros is deducted from that. The European football federation is doing this because the prize money was ‘just’ paid out in full during the corona crisis.

Subsequently, the 32 clubs are also entitled to the so-called coefficient premium. This is a reward for the achievements of the clubs in the last ten years, which have been converted into a ranking. Simply put, the higher a club ranks, the more money it receives.

A club that is in 32nd place will receive 1.137 million euros. Every place higher yields that amount. When qualifying for the main tournament, PSV is in any case in 24th place in the cleaned up ranking. That means the club has a coefficient premium of 10.23 million euros touches.

In addition, the participants also receive money from the television rights. It is not yet entirely clear how many million that is, because the amount depends on the performance of the clubs. Last season Ajax was the only Dutch participant to receive around 3 million euros. Since Ajax and PSV have to divide that up when the Eindhoven players are placed (55 percent for Ajax and 45 percent for PSV), the so-called marketing pool about 1.35 million euros amounts.

Then there is the income from ticket sales and profit premiums. As in 2018/2019, all 36,500 seats in the Philips Stadium will certainly be occupied for the three home matches in the Champions League. Then it flowed 4.4 million euros from receipts to the club greenhouseaccording to the annual report from that time.

All in all, PSV is assured of about 31.5 million euros qualifying for the Champions League. That amount can add up if the club performs well. A win is a gold mine for the treasurer: UEFA offers 2.8 million euros for every win. In case of a draw, that is 930,000 euros.

Income PSV when qualifying for Champions League:

  • Start-up premium: 14.8 million euros
  • Coefficient premium: 10.23 million euros
  • Marketing pool: approximately 1.35 million euros
  • Recettes: 4.3 million euros
  • Total: 30.68 million euros

Trainer Ruud van Nistelrooij faces the arduous task of guiding PSV to the Champions League.

Trainer Ruud van Nistelrooij faces the arduous task of guiding PSV to the Champions League.

Trainer Ruud van Nistelrooij faces the arduous task of guiding PSV to the Champions League.

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Europa League means ‘only’ 15 million

If PSV does not make it against Rangers, the club must continue in the group stage of the Europa League. An adventure at the second European club level is a lot less lucrative than the Champions League.

In the Europa League, a participant gets a starting premium of ‘only’ 3.4 million euros, compared to the nearly 15 million in the Champions League. PSV will receive as a saving grace 5 million euros because the club has participated in the play-offs of the Champions League.

In the cleaned coefficient ranking, PSV is much higher in the Europa League than in the Champions League (at least seventh at 24th), but that yields much less money. This is because the premium is much lower: a club ‘only’ receives 132,000 euros per position. For PSV comes the coefficient premium out on at least 3.4 million euros.

In addition, the income from the marketing pool and the receipts are a lot lower. It is estimated that PSV 1 million euros from the broadcasting rights. There come such a 1.5 million euros from the ticket sales according to the annual report for the 2019/2020 season. That was PSV’s last season in the Europa League in which the stadiums were allowed to be completely filled.

In total, PSV . will receive about 14 million euros when the club descends to the Europa League. That is not even half of the income that beckons in the Champions League. So many millions are at stake in Eindhoven on Wednesday, where the ball rolls at 9 p.m. The first game with the Rangers of trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst ended in a 2-2 draw.

PSV income from ‘relegation’ to Europa League

  • Loser’s premium in CL: 5 million euros
  • Start-up premium: 3.4 million euros
  • Coefficient premium: 3.4 million euros
  • Marketing pool: about 1 million euros
  • Recettes: about 1.5 million euros
  • Total: approximately 14.3 million euros