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Milan is definitely betting on Jean Onana of Bordeaux to strengthen the midfield. In the past with the French club, there have been other transfer deals involving major players

He is the Cameroonian Jean Onana the chosen one from Milan to strengthen the midfield. After evaluating various profiles, the Rossoneri aim to close the deal. As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, there is confidence with Milan that is aiming for a loan with the right of redemption even if a definitive purchase for 6-7 million is not excluded.

Dugarry and Maldini in Bordeaux – Milan (Ansa Photo)

Negotiations with Bordeaux have begun and could end favorably, also considering the situation of the French club. It is not in fact a historical moment of the best for the Girondins relegated to Ligue 2 and in financial difficulties, to the point that last June there was also fear of a risk of failure of the club with a consequent restart from the lower categories.

The times when Bordeaux won Ligue 1 (the last time in 2008-09) and constantly competed in European cups, including the Champions League, are therefore far away. A club, the transalpine one, which does not evoke good memories for Milan.

In season 1995-96the Rossoneri from Capello, future Italian champions with the dream trident Weah, Baggio, Savicevic, compete for the Uefa Cup and in the quarter-finals they find themselves against Bordeaux in which a very promising player played, such Zinedine Zidane. With him two other French nationals, then World Champions in ’98, that is Lizarazu And Dugarry, in addition to the whimsical Dutch Witschege. Milan won the first leg 2-0 at San Siro then the sensational debut on the return leg in the old Parc Lescure (now rugby stadium) with a 3-0 win by Tholot and a brace from Dugarry himself.

It was a tradition in the 1990s that AC Milan bought players who had performed well against the Rossoneri in European competitions. It had happened with Savicevic, Papin, Weah, Desailly. He added to the list Christophe Dugarry, purchased in the summer following the Uefa Cup match. Certainly not the best season for Milan that 96-97 with the alternation between Tabarez and Sacchi on the bench. Dugarry scored 5 goals in 22 games, including that of the provisional draw in AC Milan-Rosenborg 1-2, a challenge that sanctioned the elimination of a troubled Milan in the group stage of the Champions League.

Dugarry and more: the other deals with Bordeaux

Yohann Gourcuff
Yohann Gourcuff (Ansa Photo)

After just one season, Dugarry left Milan and moved to Barcelona. We will have to wait a decade for another deal that involved the two clubs, namely the sale to the Girondins of Yohann Gourcuff. He had impressed everyone in the first games, the then young French talent bought from Rennes then stopped by a series of injuries.

European champion in 2007, Gourcuff returned to his homeland, to Bordeaux in June 2008 and relaunches himself. With the Girondins wins Ligue 1 in that season, a League Cup and a Super Cup and he returned to the national team with which he competed in the 2010 World Cup, the year in which he went to Lyon for 22 million with whom he won two other national trophies.

Another excellent transfer from Milan to Bordeaux was that of Menez in the summer of 2016. Only one season for Jeremy at home before moving to the Turkish team of Antalyaspor. Same path for Raoul Bellanova. Raised in the youth sector of Milan, in January 2019, he signed a four-year contract with the French. The experience in Ligue 1 does not last long. In 2020 he returns to Italy, to Atalanta before the loan to Pescara and the engagement by Cagliari that precedes the transfer to Inter.

Last August, the last deal between Milan and Bordeaux with the Rossoneri’s purchase of Yacine Adli. The Algerian remains on loan to the Girondins for one year before the definitive transfer from last July 1st.