Fabian Ruiz at PSG and Navas at Napoli: when they unlock

NAPLES – The operation-Fabian from Naples to Psg should be defined before the operation-Navas from PSG to Naples. To be precise: Keylor will be hired by Sunday the first and next week. Yes, these are the indications that come directly from the protagonists of the story, a game for double pairs on parallel tracks that in the long run, and inevitably, should cross between them. And not only that: Paris, just to name one on the cover, has not yet closed the purchase of Ruiz because it is creating the necessary space to fit him in the Galtier squad through the termination of Herrera and the sale of Paredes to Juve. The club light bluehowever, he has few doubts about it, indeed he is rather serene enough to dictate a sort of schedule of the times, while a few more thoughts awakens him the solution of the story between the Gato and the French: the meetings related to the infamous severance pay went in scene also yesterday and the location of Navas it’s always the same. Obviously, one would say: to give up the 18 million euros of his engagement until 2024, at the age of 35, there is no mention of it. Not at all. And so the Naples he is forced to wait: bonuses, formula and salary are closely linked to this agreement.

The first step is the sale of Fabian Ruiz

And then, the road of patience. In other words, the same one successfully traveled by ds Giuntoli – we also make various successes – since the beginning of the market. There assignment from Fabian at the PSG is considered priority for obvious opportunities contractual, while the arrival of Navas represents the shot pursued and silently embroidered from the moment the club decided to give up Ospina; but not with the aim of providing Spalletti with more top-level goalkeepers. The finish line is not far off in both cases, but the idea built at the Azzurri’s house in the last few days of negotiations is that the operation closest to the conclusion is that of Ruiz: the player, holder of a contract expiring in 2023 and stopped for some time on the decision not to renew, is considered on the margins of the squad from the last day of withdrawal in Castel di Sangro and trains in solitude with the suitcase already closed: he has accepted the destination Paris, putting aside at least for the moment the dream called Real Madrid, and this means that he is ready to leave as soon as the termination of Herrera and the sale of Paredes are official or at least armored. Among other things, his sister Yamila has been on vacation in Paris for a few days: a coincidence? Maybe yes. Maybe not. Maybe an inspection.

The second step

There assessment starting of Fabian is 25 million euros, but a lot depends on the developments of the parallel track: that of the negotiation between Navas and the PSG on the value of severance pay. Keylor, we said, does not want to lose the 18 million of his salary until 2024 (9 + 9) and the two clubs are working precisely to satisfy his requests: playing on the evaluation of Ruiz, on a signing bonus and on salary. The fundamental element? The patience. And it all comes back.

Napoli accelerates for Keylor Navas

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Napoli accelerates for Keylor Navas

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