David Hancko: ‘It was nine long weeks, but finally I am a Feyenoord player’ | Dutch football

with videoWith a half against Willem II (0-0), the Slovak David Hancko immediately showed that Feyenoord has signed a player with a lot of potential as the successor of Marcos Senesi. The 24-year-old central defender, removed from Sparta Prague and recorded in the Kuip until the summer of 2026, will normally be there on Saturday when Feyenoord plays at home against FC Emmen.

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© Pro Shots / Shane Winsser

Hancko already knows exactly how Feyenoord wants to play football. The trainer of his former club Sparta Prague showed many images of the Rotterdam team against rival Slavia Prague to indicate how the rival could best be fought. Feyenoord faced Slavia four times in the Conference League last season. ,,And I’ve seen those matches”, Hancko says. ,,Feyenoord showed the possibilities to beat Slavia Prague. We also beat Slavia three times with Sparta Prague.”

Moreover, Hancko had the idea for a long time that he would move to Feyenoord. All the while, he followed the club’s operations. ,,It was a long week for the club to get me here in Rotterdam, but I’m finally here”, Hancko says. Negotiations lasted nine weeks.

David Hancko on the ball against Willem II.
David Hancko on the ball against Willem II. © Tom Bode

The 22-time international of Slovakia introduced himself to the Dutch press after the practice match at the training complex 1908, posing proudly in front of a screen on which welcome David Hancko was standing. In Rotterdam they expect that the South American purchases will take some time to get used to, but with Hancko the feeling is that the left leg will be there immediately.

,,I think this was the right time for me to make the step to Feyenoord”, says Hancko. ,,I participated in the entire preparation at Sparta Prague and participated in the first matches. So yes, I’m fit. Now it’s up to me to show that on the field.”


I participated in the entire preparation at Sparta Prague and participated in the first games, so I’m fit

David Hancko

And that was immediately successful against Willem II, although a closed practice match is of course different from an official match in a packed Kuip. Hancko, previously also a player of MŠK Žilina and Fiorentina, of course leaves it up to trainer Arne Slot whether he should immediately start working for his new club.

There was much more interest in Hancko this summer. ,,But I thought Feyenoord was the only option and I said that to Sparta Prague. I also spoke with Robert Bozenik. We have known each other for a long time from Zilina and the national team. He told me about Feyenoord, about the supporters, the stadium and Rotterdam. So I know how they work here. That makes it easier for me.”

Pro Shots / Shane Winsser
© Pro Shots / Shane Winsser

Hancko prefers not to tell where his qualities lie. That’s something to show on the field, he thinks. ,,But I am left-footed and I want to build up and help secure the opponent. But I also understand that the most important thing is that I defend well in order to concede as few goals as possible. My speed can come in handy because Feyenoord wants to attack a lot and then there are often few players in the back when we lose the ball.”

The newcomer hopes to soon bring his wife Kristýna Plíšková (who, together with her twin sister, was high on the tennis world ranking) and their son, who is only two months old, to Rotterdam. Little Hancko should become a tennis player just like his mother thinks the player is. ,,But my wife hopes he will play football”, he says. ,,My wife hopes to pick up tennis here again. That would be nice, I know she misses it very much.”