Naples transfer market: Keylor Navas icing on the cake, Ruiz towards PSG

The Serie A transfer market, and therefore also the Naples, is now running out of the summer session, but in fact the Azzurri have already completed the squad. In fact, in the last few days, the happy ending has also arrived with regard to the arrival of Keylor Navas, called to become the new extreme defender of the Neapolitans. In particular, after the green light from PSG at his departure, the Costa Rican player signed a two-year contract worth around 3 million per season, dramatically reducing the 9 million per year received in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower but also receiving a precious bonus of 4, 5 million at the time of signing. a reinforcement of great quality, therefore, for Luciano Spalletti, who will now have to manage the situation linked to Alex Meret.

What should have been for the former Udinese, after the departure of David Ospina, the summer of the definitive relaunch, in the end seems to have proved to be the definitive confirmation that his stay in the shadow of Vesuvius can no longer continue. Injuries and too many uncertainties have exceeded the excellent performances shown in sporadic circumstances, to the point that the management preferred to turn to a profile decidedly older in age but that in their career they have won a lot with top-tier clubs such as the transalpine one and the Real Madrid. Consequently, the current blue number one remains on the market, and after the failure to land in Spezia, his departure, even on loan, in teams fighting for objectives similar to those of the Ligurians cannot be ruled out.

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Fabian Ruiz at PSG to close the Napoli transfer market

If that of Keylor Navas should represent the last entry in the Napoli transfer market, the departure of Fabian Ruiz to make the reverse path compared to the Costa Rican should instead be the last exit. The Spanish midfielder is increasingly convinced to accept the PSG court, which would pay a figure close to 25 million euros in the blue coffers, much lower than the 30 requested by Aurelio De Laurentiis but still many if we consider the fact that the player will go to deadline next June. To finally unlock the deal, however, it will be necessary for the Parisians to create the space in pink for him by selling Leandro first. Paredes. The Argentine continues to be the object of Juventus’ desire, but in recent days Roma have also been interested in his return with great fanfare to remedy the injury of Georgino Wijnaldum.

Once this operation has also been completed, as mentioned, the Naples transfer market could be said to be officially closed, barring surprises in the very last few days. Consequently all those other players put on the landing list several times, among which we can mention the various Piotr Zielinski and Matteo Politano, have already been used by their coach in the first matches of the season, friendly and official, and certainly, with three competitions to face and with a world championship in between, everyone will have the opportunity to find space. A concept also reinforced by the desire of the Certaldo coach to vary the game form from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3. With the interpreters at their disposal, the Azzurri will have the opportunity to change their skin according to the opponent and the circumstances, with the clear objective of continuing to do well and consolidating themselves at the top of the standings.