LIVE TMW – LIVE LIGUE 1 – Montpellier goes 6-0 to Brest

15:00 – PARTIES
5 ‘- Maouassa scores! Montpellier ahead! On the development of a corner the defender stands higher than everyone else and turns the ball on the net: immediate advantage of the guests!
10 ‘- Double Montpellier! A sign Wahi! Thrown to the left, Khazri moves the ball to the right and sends a cross to Wahi. On the first post the latter is ready and puts the goalkeeper in the corner!
12 ‘- Incredible, trio Montpellier with Khazri! Khazri hits the field on the wing, the defense of Brest leaves him too much space and the Tunisian, despite being unbalanced, manages to kick: ball low to the ground and at the bottom of the bag!
25 ‘- Another goal from Montpellier! Mark Mussel! Corner, deviation by Sacko with his head and Cozza at the far post with the right is ready to push to the bottom of the bag!
31 ‘- Fifth goal in half an hour for Montpellier: two goals from Wahi! Thrown deep, Wahi kicks but his shot is blocked. the ball shoots to Mouassa, who again serves the striker who on the right surprises the goalkeeper on the far post!
16:03 – STARTED UP!
50 ‘- Lees-Melou sent off! Brest in ten men!
64 ‘- Montpellier spreads! Mark Germain! Saint-Luce gives a great assist to Germain, who beats the goalkeeper with a delightful heel. 6-0!

15:00 – PARTIES
11 ‘- Slow start: so far impeccable defenses and little space on both sides.
21 ‘- Foul by Borges and penalty for Lorient!
23 ‘- Goals from Moffi! Clermont ahead! Moffi shows up on the penalty spot, remains cold and makes no mistake: ball on one side, goalkeeper on the other and it’s 1-0!
41 ‘- Doubling of Moffi for Lorient! Moffi points Wieteska, jumps him, gets face to face with the goalkeeper and sends the ball to the bottom of the bag for the 2-0!
16:03 – STARTED UP!
48 ‘- Borges sent off! Second yellow and red, Clermont in ten men!

15:00 – PARTIES
6 ‘- Nicolas Pépé still makes Kolasinac suffer, a refrain in these first minutes. The latter is forced to do so.
10 ‘- Pass Marseille with Alexis Sanchez! One-two between Clauss and Sanchez. The former Inter player receives on the right side of the area and, in the midst of three defenders, manages to kick with his right and beat the goalkeeper!
19 & # 39; – Delort kicks, but the shot is returned. The ball lands on Ilie’s feet, who kicks in turn but does not hit the face of the goal.
30 ‘- Double attempt for Nice: Beka Beka first tries, then Pépé, but both times they are blocked.
37 ‘- Goals from Nuno Tavares! Double OM! On the left Guendouzi serves the Portuguese full-back, who is released and kicks low: the ball kisses the post and ends at the bottom of the bag!
42 ‘- Double from Sanchez! OM on 3-0! Payet serves Rongier on the left, bank for Tavares who kicks. Schmeichel rejects, but Sanchez comes out and ends immediately with his right and signs the 3-0!
16:03 – STARTED UP!
54 ‘- Clauss earns the bottom and goes to the cross. Sanchez checks and kicks, but the defense strikes back.

15:00 – PARTIES
12 ‘- Ripart’s Goal! Troyes unlocks it! Lopes goes to serve a free kick and draws Ripart, good at turning the 1-0 ball into the net!
21 ‘- Mendy sent off! Angers in ten! Two yellows in twenty minutes and Mendy is already going to take a shower.
16:03 – STARTED UP!
53 & # 39; – Shot decided but with little precision of Ounahi from the edge of the area. Very large ball on the right.

14:40 – The teams are on the pitch for the usual pre-match warm-up.

14:30 – Dear readers of, Pierpaolo Matrone welcomes you to the direct text of the fourth day of Ligue 1. This afternoon on these columns we will follow together the four matches scheduled at 3 pm.