the PSG does not drop from 20 million

TURIN – Paredes awaits the Juve. The Argentine’s thinking has not changed Paris Saint Germain, despite the protracted wait. Among other things, the Romehis former team, made the thought of bringing him back to the capital after his injury Wijnaldumbut Leandro just wants the Lady. And so he waits for the Juventus club to find the right fit to bring the deal to the finish line. The joint above is always the same as that of the Keep going For weeks now, attempts have been made to complete: the transfer of a surplus, in order to free up space, both physical and salary, for a new entry. He tried, unsuccessfully, with Rabiotwhich refused almost on the finish line Manchester United. You keep looking for a solution for Arthurafter the option Valencia it has disappeared due to the lack of agreement between the parties on how to participate in the payment of the hefty salary (8 million between the fixed part and the bonus). The door is held open a Zakaria: yesterday Roma came forward for the Swiss midfielder but the dialogue soon ended because Juve aims to obtain 20 million; now we have to wait for any new buyers or the return to the scene Monkwho in recent days had expressed an interest.

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The new Juve with Milik: the formation of Allegri

Paredes to Juve, the step forward

Juve, in the meantime, do not give up their grip on Paredes. And it is not excluded that in the end, two young people can be sent on loan – either Beansis Rovella – in order to get to Leandro. Also yesterday there were contacts to try to tie the agreement with the Paris. With the Argentine, in fact, the agreement is now done, there are no problems. It remains to find the right formula to convince the PSG, which continues to ask for 20 million. The bianconeri had started with the idea of ​​a loan with the right of redemption, an idea that does not excite the Parisians. So from Continassa they took a step towards Paris, passing the right to redemption obligation. Now we need the decisive draw, which could also be favored by the choice on the attacker. Milik, and not Depay, implies lower costs and the possibility of having additional resources available to invest in the midfielder. The intent to reach the finish line, in short, is clear, even if it still takes time to cut it and bring the long-awaited reinforcement to the Continassa Max Allegri for the median.

Juventus tightens for Paredes

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Juventus tightens for Paredes

Juve market, the full-back

The hourglass runs towards the market gong, scheduled for next Thursday, September 1st, and there is no shortage of work for the Juventus management, which is also moving towards a left-back. The continuous ups and downs of Alex Sandro do not leave you in peace, as well as the reliability of De Sciglio from the physical point of view. Thus, given the release of Luca Pellegrini at Eintracht Frankfurt, a reinforcement is being considered. Juve’s gaze turned towards Madrid, Atletico home: a loan was requested through an intermediary Renan Lodi never Colchoneros they closed the door. The Brazilian, however, has not been used in the first two days since Diego Simeone and therefore it may no longer be strategic. From England, on the other hand, the name of Reguilon of Tottenhamwhich also likes to Lazio And Nottingham Forestbut without feedback from the parts of Continassa.

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