French media: Childhood friends and brother demand 13 million euros from Paul Pogba in ‘filthy affair’ | Sport

French police have launched an investigation into possible extortion of Paul Pogba. According to sources from the French news agency AFP, a lot of money is being demanded from the Juventus midfielder to prevent incriminating videos from being distributed. The riot puts a bomb under the family of the top football player.

On Saturday evening Mathias Pogba, the 32-year-old brother of the top football player, announced ‘explosive revelations’. “The whole world, as well as the fans of my brother and especially the French team and Juventus, my brother’s teammates and his sponsors, deserve to know certain things,” said Mathias Pogba, former Sparta player. He would also make revelations about agent Rafaela Pimenta, who took over the duties of Mino Raiola, who died in April.

Various French sources and the AFP news agency report that Pogba is being extorted by his brother Mathias and some childhood friends after the midfielder stopped financial support for them after years. One of his friends is said to have stolen 200,000 euros from the French top football player. In response, Pogba is said to have been visited by two gunmen, who held him at gunpoint and demanded 13 million euros. The mood is keeping the French media busy. This is how it writes L’Equipe about a huge rift in the family, while Le Figaro the soap as a ‘dirty affair’.

Mathias Pogba lashed out at his brother on social media. “People will see that there is no one on this earth more coward, traitor and hypocrite than you,” said the attacker, who accused his brother of witchcraft, among other things. For example, the midfielder would have wanted to injure his compatriot Kylian Mbappe by applying witchcraft.

Paul Pogba. © AFP

29-year-old Paul Pogba responded to Mathias’s announcement by stating that “unfortunately it was not a surprise”. According to him, criminals are hiding behind the threat to his family member. “It is in addition to threats and extortion attempts by an organized gang against Paul Pogba,” the statement said. “The competent authorities in Italy and France were notified a month ago and no further statements will be made in connection with the ongoing investigation.”

Paul Pogba, who became world champions with France in 2018, returned to Juventus this summer. In recent years he played for Manchester United. The midfielder is currently sidelined with a knee injury.

Mathias Pogba is clubless. He briefly played for Sparta in the 2016-2017 season. In 2017, in the first minute, he scored the winning goal in the city derby against Feyenoord.

Mathias Pogba on behalf of Sparta.
Mathias Pogba on behalf of Sparta. © photo: Carla Vos

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