scared team, they call the president

Igor Tudor’s experience at Marseille did not start in the best way. After the lightning farewell of Camoranesi, other rumors about internal turbulence arrive with the players ready to address the president directly.

The drafts that filter from the locker room of the Marseille tell of a very special atmosphere around the new coach Igor Tudor. The latter, fresh from the more than positive experience at Verona, was called by the new president Longoria to take the reins of the team after the resignation of Jorge Sampaoli. A legacy that is not easy to collect, especially in light of the feeling established between the former coach of Chile and Argentina and the group, destabilized by his farewell. As if that were not enough then the impact of the new Croatian manager with the OM environment was apparently not the best, with the approach to the seasonal debut against Reims in Ligue 1, quite turbulent.

The feeling that things were not going the right way was already understood in recent days, when there was a flash separation between the “old friends” Tudor and Camoranesi. The world champion seemed destined to fill the role of right arm of his former teammate at Juventus and instead after just one week of collaboration here is the surprising departure. Net of the official statements that tell of a choice already planned initially, the proverbial rumors have highlighted strong divergences between the two, which also resulted in hard contrasts in front of the group.

Speaking of rumors, even those reported by the newspaper La Provence confirm a climate that is anything but serene. In fact, the methods of Igor Tudor are not particularly appreciated by some players, who are particularly affected by the change compared to the past by Sampaoli. The likeable and affable Croatian off the pitch, then transforms into the locker room and onto the pitch. A source close to an Olympique Marseille player in particular revealed: “Don’t hesitate to face the players and yell at them“Some players like Gerson, Cengiz √únder, and Amavie would have apparently tested the character of Tudor, for a situation that has become unpleasant.

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In particular, in the locker room, the overly demanding character and some rantings of Tudor are not seen with good pleasure also because several young people have already been affected. Precisely for this reason, La Provence tells of the willingness of several players, led by captain Payet, to meet with president Longoria to try to change things in view of the seasonal debut. He requests techniques, on the game project very different from the recent past, and above all the desire to underline the tense and heavy atmosphere that reigns in the locker room with the request for a different attitude on the part of Tudor. How will it end? And what will be the response of Longoria, a great admirer of Tudor? The start of the season is approaching and the unknowns are now greater than the certainties.