Inter, how they are doing at Brest Agoumé and Satriano

As often happens with all the big names, Inter also has many young players on loan. Among the many, those who are most distinguished are the two in Ligue 1, at Brest with precision: let’s talk about Lucien Agoumé And Martin Satriano. Brest is currently in twelfth position (almost safe) thanks also to the contribution of the two “Interisti”, who at different times of the season managed to establish themselves with personality.

The numbers of Agoumé

Lucien Agoume (Photo by SAMEER AL-DOUMY / AFP via Getty Images)

Class ’02, Agoumé is the classic midfielder useful both in construction and in interdiction. So far for him no goals scored and no assists, but six yellow cards in 24 total appearances (19 as a starter). Although Brest uses different modules, her role is always the same: midfield, in a two-man midfield. Equipped with a good tactical intelligence, Agoumé often asserts himself in interdiction – as shown by the numbers of Soccerment – intercepting almost three average balls per game (2.74 P90) and asserting his physicality in the contrasts (performs 10.6 P90).

Physical and rocky yes, but the best quality of Agoumé is thereto manage the ball and its numbers in possession are proof of this. Der Zakarian, Brest coach, has entrusted him with the keys to the midfield and he has won the degrees of median administrator: the French midfielder performs almost 50 passes every 90 minutes – resulting the second best player in the squad after Brassier, left-handed central defender in the sights of Fiorentina – completing 85%. Already at Spezia last season he had hinted at excellent things, but the French experience is making him grow further: Inter meanwhile continues to keep an eye on him and there are already those who claim he may be the deputy Brozovic in the next season.

Satriano’s numbers

Martin Adrian Satriano Costa
Martin Adrian Satriano Costa (Photo by SYLVAIN THOMAS / AFP via Getty Images)

Arrived in the winter market window, Martin Satriano he managed to establish himself fairly quickly at Brest. Three goals in his first two appearances as a starter: always on the pitch ever since. In total he has scored so far four networks – compared to 2.33 xG total – in ten appearances (seven as a starter), showing great coldness in the penalty area. Since he arrived in France, kicks P90 about three times – the best in Brest – and hits the goal more than once per game. Honorat (Brest top scorer) only kicks P90 twice. A little bit of precision is missing, but the boy born in 2001 on the field makes him feel the presence of him.

Fiery soccer player, in just 10 appearances he has already received three yellow cards. Already with the Nerazzurri Primavera he had been expelled in an Inter-Roma match after a face to face with a Giallorossi peer; unlike Agoumé, it seems that he still has to do a further step to carve out a space in Inter – admitted he will never become an Inter player -, especially from the point of view of emotional management in the space of ninety minutes. Next year could go back to base and probably be loanedperhaps in Serie A, retracing the footsteps of another player owned by Inter on loan: Andrea Pinamonti.

Edited by Domenico Cannizzaro