Abedi Pelé, a Ghanaian legend who enchanted Europe with Marseille and Turin

Has been the strongest footballer in the history of Ghana, he played and won in 3 different continents, he conquered, the only one to succeed3 consecutive African Gold Balls, it’s a European Champions League. This would be enough to understand the greatness of Abedi Ayew, universally known for his footballing skills with the nickname of … Read more

Before Leicester, there was Giroud’s Montpellier: the story of a sporting miracle

France, Ligue 1. 2011-2012 season. PSG has just passed into the hands of the brand new and very rich Qatari property, with only two major objectives: the first (almost predictable) is to go back to winning the championship immediately, the second (which will prove to be a little more difficult) is to conquer for the … Read more

Lazio-Marseille 5-1, Simone Inzaghi’s night of record-breaking poker

Lazio, Marseille, the ‘Olimpico’ stadium and Europe. Four clues, four key elements. Four like nets in one memorable night for Simone Inzaghi. On March 14, 2000, 21 and a half years ago, the former Biancoceleste striker and former coach scored four Champions League goals in a single game. A feat that no other Italian player … Read more

Jirès Kembo Ekoko, Mbappé’s adoptive brother: the escape from Africa and the professional career

Siblings. Unilateral, mallard, bilateral, uterine, consanguineous, milk. The list of names, depending on the family relationships, is certainly not limited. It depends from case to case, depending on one or more parents in common, biologically. Then there is the other side, the adoptive one, that is the one who has different parents but legally and … Read more

Saint-Etienne and the ‘square posts’: the epic of the most successful team in France

If we think of France and Ligue 1, we inevitably think of PSG . Then we can think of the Lyon or al Monk , in recent years protagonists of exploits in Europe. Or maybe al Marseille , for its history and for its particular events. The Lille defending champion, perhaps even the Bordeaux and … Read more